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Sometimes offering clients an opportunity to give anonymous feedback can be a gamble – but Remi Cachet were delighted with their results!

Luxury hair extension brand Remi Cachet are always keen evolve, and whilst they like to use their close working relationship with key stylists to help drive this, they recently opened this up to all their Trade Accounts to have their say.

Founder Victoria Lynch explained the reason behind the survey.

“Business analytics and sales figures are only half the story of our business success, and we truly value the stylist’s input,” she explained. “From 78 questions, we can help develop the business’ future plans in line with the needs of our stylists and their clients.”

Their band of 50 Super Stylists are regularly asked questions to help evolve the business, sharing new colour and marketing material for input at an early stage as well as getting together regularly to have their say and challenge the Remi Cachet team.

“We don’t want to rest on our laurels,” added Victoria. “We’ve grown the brand significantly and we want to keep this momentum, introducing new products, colours and improving the way we work to satisfy our customers. We know we need to keep evolving, and letting our customers have a say will ensure that we get it right.”

The questioning covered all aspects of the business from the products, customer service, brand perception and overall satisfaction, as well as the opportunity on each question to add comments and create a wish list! Some questions were specifically widened to gain greater insights into their stylists’ purchase decisions in terms of the market place and extension wearers.

The key stats taken from the findings were:

  • 85% of Trade Account holders buy the Elegance Range of Russian Mongolian hair and the most popular application methods were Weft, Hot or Cold Fusion, and Micro rings, such as Ultra Tips.
  • 63% of stylists were extremely likely to use Remi Cachet over other extension brands they purchase from, driven by the hair quality and price point for their clients.
  • 95% thought the hair extensions were value for money and a 4.8 star rating overall.
  • Tied into the value for money is that the hair extensions can be re-applied and therefore clients are taking care of their hair extensions so they last longer. 50% of trade accounts confirmed their clients are getting at least 9-12months wear from the hair and a further 19% were getting longer!
  • When asked about the positive impact that Remi Cachet has had on their business since introducing their hair, stylists responded with 97% Satisfaction, pleased with the business driving enquiries to their salon door, and the choice of hair.
  • They also believe that 95% of their wears are satisfied with the hair.
  • Most stylists are busy so they love the convenience of ordering online 24/7 with 57% using the website and a further 30% using the App. The website was particularly noted for its ease of use and immediately knowing availability of a colour/length.
  • When asked how likely are they to recommend Remi Cachet to a colleague, they scored 81 NPS, compared to the industry average of just 40 NPS (out of 100). This is evident in the number of Trade Account Application the brand receives who also confirm this.

Remi Cachet are now working on developing some of the suggestions and ideas created by the stylists and are hoping to have some new items ready for the new year.

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*Data collected anonymously via Survey Monkey – July 2017