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Allilon education team takes professional hair courses to Canada and Vietnam

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The Allilon education team recently took its educational skills on the road visiting Canada and Vietnam to teach courses from the brand’s world-renowned syllabus.

Allilon Education co-founder Johnny Othona and master stylist and men’s hair specialist Jonathan Corby embarked on an educational journey to Canada from 23-26 March, delivering the brand’s four-day Primary Shapes courses to Canadian hairdressers looking to take their skills to the next level.

The renowned education company designed the Primary Shapes course to introduce Allilon Education’s basic principles of hairdressing. The course can be taught at any stage of a hairdresser’s career, helping them to understand the foundation of their craft. The intense private tuition consists of demonstrations, lectures and hands-on workshops, which are designed to give the stylist a better understanding in creating beautiful shapes.

Elsewhere, Allilon education co-founder Pedro Inchenko and Allilon education colour director Madeleine Murphy visited Vietnam to teach the four-day Primary Disconnection course from the 2015 syllabus, alongside a cut and colour seminar of the brand’s latest collection: Okafor.

The course, which took place from 2-5 April 2015, involved demonstrations, lectures and hands-on workshops. Designed to introduce any stylist to the world of primary disconnection, the course helps them establish when, why and how disconnection is used. The Allilon education team then presented the Okafor collection in a live show, from 6-7 April, to an audience of more than 150 hairdressers.

Next on the tour, the educators will fly to South Africa in May to deliver more courses from the Allilon syllabus and have been booked to present a spectacular show to a 1,000-strong audience in Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam, in November.

Othona comments: “Allilon Education believes in profiling the brand globally to spread the Allilon philosophy far and wide. We love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. Each year we learn something new, which helps us to refine and evolve our educational offerings.”

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