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Allilon launches Primary Shapes course

Allilon 6
Allilon has introduced a new Primary Shapes course as the perfect introduction to its philosophy and language of hair.

Designed to both stimulate and support a hairdresser’s personal development, the four-day Primary Shapes course will introduce Allilon’s basic principles of haircutting.

Working methodically, the course gives stylists the confidence to understand why, when and how to make decisions in choosing the most suitable length and shape of a haircut and executing it with a strong technique.

The Primary Shapes Course is recommended for hairdressers with a minimum of two years as an apprentice with a basic knowledge of haircutting and will consist of demonstrations, lectures and hands-on workshops, designed to give a greater understanding in creating beautiful shapes.

Duration: 4 days
Entry requirements: Minimum two years as an apprentice
Locations: Allilon Academy, London and Satellite Academies across the world


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