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Are you sitting comfortably?

What is the first step to a positive client experience? Albert Ewan Design can offer several comfortable options!

The client journey is started by how they are initially greeted.

Step One in the client experience; consider a new more open reception policy, allowing the client, new or old, to feel warm and welcome.

Step Two is the handover to the backwash/shampoo area. Now we have the opportunity to show the salon’s professionalism. How can we make this as pleasurable and positively memorable as possible?

“Are you comfortable” or “make yourself comfortable” evoke slightly differing reactions.

Physically, the clients need positive reassuring – back support, no matter what age they may be, when reclining towards the basin. The ideal of a fully reclined position may not suit every client by way of their feeling of vulnerability.

And a busy client who is finding time in a tight schedule may – or may not! – find the bonus of a massaging system relaxing…

A standard backwash unit should have minimum standard towards comfort, and a fixed pre-reclined back will suffice with the majority clients. Have you considered adding a tilting and/or sliding basin?

If not comfortable, the negativity will taint the client experience throughout the visit. It can be retrieved, but what a burden to put your salon under.

Albert Ewan Design offer a huge range of salon furniture designed to ensure your customers enjoy every moment in your salon, in complete comfort, and at a range of price points.

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