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Aussie brand Ecoheads announces new UK distribution

Australian brand, Ecoheads, has launched on UK shores with its water-, money- and energy-saving salon backwash showerheads that care for the environment and minimise outlay. Now, Dave Webb – formerly ghd global MD and now MD of his own business, Salon Eco – has announced he has taken exclusive distributorship for the professional product in the UK.

“This is a product that is changing the salon backwash experience forever. It absolutely delivers on eco credentials, money-saving solutions and client comfort, which makes it a must-have for any modern salon that cares about its clients, the environment and its bottom line,” explains Webb. “It uses up to 56 per cent less water, cleans and purifies sediment and chemicals; provides more water pressure and costs the salon less money. It also looks great – really stylish – and gives the client a much more invigorating backwash experience whilst supporting the environment agenda and saving the business money.”

Already being used by some of the industry’s most high profile salon businesses – including Percy & Reed, The Chapel, Aveda Institute, Ken Picton, Gina Conway and Nicky Clarke – Ecoheads create double the water pressure of a regular showerhead but use only seven litres. This amounts to a saving of 330 litres of water per day, per chair.

Tel: Ian Biggin 0208 773 7846 or 07794 048 936;

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