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Be re-assured; be insured!

We understand the importance for hair & beauty businesses to find the right insurance that is personalised to their business’ needs.

Over the next few months, we’re going to put sample hair & beauty insurance related questions to Direct Line for Business’ Product Expert Jane Guaschi.


SALON MAGAZINE: If a hairdresser is opening a salon in newly rented premises and wants to make sure they have the right insurance, what cover will they need?

JANE: It’s important you have insurance that’s personalised to your business, so you’re covered for problems that could arise and so you don’t pay for cover you don’t need. We understand every business is unique and your cover should reflect this.
Some of the things you should consider when taking out insurance are Public Liability (if a customer is injured or has their property damaged in your hair salon), Employers’ liability (It covers you if an employee becomes ill or is injured in the course of their work for you), Product liability (in case a client is injured or has an allergic reaction to a product you’ve sold), Business Interruption cover (if your business is out of action because of an insured incident such as a re, it’ll cover loss of earnings), Business contents (damaged or stolen stock and equipment), Legal expenses cover (legal costs for business disputes, such as chasing unpaid debts or employment disputes), and Theft of takings cover.

SALON MAGAZINE: We’ve seen people online talk about treatments liability cover. What is this?

JANE: Treatment liability cover is an extension of Public Liability. This will cover you if a customer is injured or is ill as a result of a treatment you have undertaken. It’s important to check you’re insured for every treatment you plan to offer.

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