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BLOG: Top tips for effortless festival hairstyles by ENA Salon’s Samuel Ryde

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Samuel Ryde is brand director of ENA Salon. Here he shares his tips and retail ideas to pass on to your clients this festival season.

The art of perfecting festival-worthy, undone hair may be easier said than done, but just a few simple tips can help to create styles worthy of the glossy fashion pages.

Davines Hair RefresherMy biggest tip for keeping hair clean and fresh is most definitely to keep a bottle of dry shampoo handy. A great product, such as Davines Hair Refresher, will be any festival-goers best friend when water is at a minimum. Dry shampoo acts like a softer, more hair-friendly version of talcum powder, soaking up all of the natural oils in the hair for a just-washed look. To use, tip the head upside down and spray directly onto roots, but don’t overdo it or hair will look weighed down.

More Inside Sea Salt SprayDishevelled ‘dos are ideal when creating that boho festival style. Wrapping hair into a loose ponytail or plait when wet can give a beautiful, soft wave if left in the summer sun. Spritz a salt spray, such as Davines More Inside This is a Sea Salt Spray, through the lengths of the hair to really set the look once it’s dry.

For a really edgy style, look to the Spring/Summer 2015 catwalks and some of the hottest celebrities and whip out the razor for a closely shaved section of hair or full-on grade one, to really spice things up.

– Samuel
Twitter: @EnaSalon
Instagram: @EnaSalon


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