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BLOG: Nilam Holmes-Patel on protecting your brand

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HD Brows is a unique brow treatment that I founded back in 2008. I always like to stay ahead of trends and make sure that HD Brows leads the way and over the years it has become recognised as the UK’s number one brow treatment. Being the founder of an exclusive branded treatment, I wanted to be sure from the very beginning that every step was taken to ensure the brand was protected. We were the first brow brand on the market and now there are many other brands trying to emulate what HD Brows does so well, so it’s a huge priority of ours that we have strict procedures and policies to ensure that HD Brows remains a trusted, luxury branded treatment. Our stylists have all trained at our official UK academies and are qualified and confident members of an exclusive team, where any untrained stylists and salons are stopped.

As a result we have a dedicated brand protection team who work hard to look into any possible untrained stylists, salons, retailers or training academies who may be offering the treatment, or using the HD Brows name, without proper training or accreditation (we know these as infringers). We ask all HD Brows stylists to be our eyes and ears and to report anyone they suspect of offering the treatment when they are not qualified to do so. When we receive a report, we gather any important information from the reporter and follow this up with a legal letter to the infringer. This letter details the law protecting the brand, recommends actions for the infringer to take in order to rectify this matter, and most of all advises the salon or stylist to immediately stop using our brand name and imagery to promote their services. If no response is received, or the infringer continues to offer this service without undertaking official training, the case is referred to our legal adviser who escalates the case to litigation –court action that can be very costly to the infringer. Once the case is settled, the person who sent the initial report to us will receive a full briefing to put their mind at rest, knowing that we have protected their business and ensured there will be no further customer confusion caused by this stylist or salon.

As a brand, we hope that this extensive procedure gives our stylists the assurance that every possible step is taken to ensure that only accredited HD Brows stylists can offer our treatment. It is equally important to me, and to everyone I work with, that brand protection is in place, as I would hate to think of a trusted client receiving a bad experience from someone that they believed was offering a genuine treatment, when they weren’t. This would not only be unfair for the client, but it could be extremely damaging to the brand as well, since word of mouth is one of the greatest marketing tools for any company. It is also a priority of ours to protect existing stylists who have invested in the brand, as infringers take business away from them by offering services at a lower price. I always strive to ensure people who have our treatment leave feeling happy, looking great and singing the praises of the brand, which cannot be guaranteed by any one that is not HD Brows trained.

As we continue to invest in protecting the brand, we regularly update our terms and conditions to fall in line with the changing needs of the business and our stylists. Stylists now have a membership with us and are expected to follow the HD Brows brand guidelines in order to keep their membership active. Additionally, we ask for all of our stylists to return to our training academies each year to keep up-to-date with the latest news and products, as well as giving them the opportunity to refresh their skills. The beauty industry is constantly developing and brow trends are ever changing, so our stylists really can never learn enough.

– Nilam Holmes-Patel, CEO and founder, HD Brows
Twitter: @hdbrows

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