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BLOG: Q Hair and Beauty’s Dawn Lawrence on why the salon is sponsoring an award

Dawn Lawrence

Q Hair and Beauty in Chichester has announced it is sponsoring the Team Of The Year category in the Observer and Gazette Business Awards in West Sussex.

The move reflects the enormous value the award-winning salon puts on its own team and here managing director, Dawn Lawrence, explains why she thinks its important to celebrate other companies that do the same.

Sponsoring the Team Of The Year category of the Observer and Gazette Business Awards is poignant for us at Q because of the fantastic team we have here. It’s so important to understand that even though you have a successful business, as we have had for a long time, it’s your team who gets you where you are, and keeps you there.

A good team can create great dynamics and from that you get great results. At Q we all get involved and everyone has something different to bring to the table – that’s a very valuable asset. To keep that dynamic going, we have weekly team meetings where we’re always completely open with each other, keen to hear what everyone has to say, and to hear new ideas put forward.

Our team have their own Facebook page that’s hugely popular with them. It isn’t just work-based, they can chat and comment on anything, but it’s a great way of communicating and it’s a lovely way for the younger members to get encouragement from more senior members of the team.

Outside the work environment, we have regular social activities, often going round to each other’s houses and cooking for each other, having fun and a good laugh. That makes work more fun. We like to think that by getting to know each other and bonding in this way, we create a really strong team who all enjoy coming to work every day.

Our team is at the very heart of Q’s success and by sponsoring this award, we want to recognise and celebrate other businesses who put equal value on their own teams.

– Dawn

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