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BLOG: Why podiatry is essential for the health of your team by Dina Gohil

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Dina Gohil founded her luxury podiatry service, DG Podiatrist, in London’s exclusive Mayfair to combine traditional foot care methods with a pampering experience. A published podiatrist, her specialty areas are in cosmetic overlay, diabetic feet and ingrown nails. Gohil has also worked with the Annual London Marathon Aid and has extensive work experience in Chicago, USA.

What is the one thing your team has in common? Are they all experts in what they do? Do they all possess the necessary skillsets that makes them exceptional and perfect? What drives them to produce results? Whatever this may be, it’s sure to say your team is dependent on many things: good communication, teamwork, high spirits and talented skillsets. But there’s something even more vital to the foundations of your team and that’s their health and especially their feet.

Feet are exposed to the harsh working elements on a daily basis; they can be crammed into tight footwear, suffer long commutes, stood on for hours and even pushed through to after work when you feel like being social. Over a period of time, feet can become tired, sore, develop skin pathology like corns, hard skin and other serious problems like heel pain and more. By having podiatry appointments, learning about what you can do to look after your feet and having regular treatments, you can ensure the foot care of your team will last a lifetime.

There are a number of benefits of podiatry that contribute to your overall health. Having comfortable feet at work can reduce stress, decrease the number of absences due to ill health and medical appointments, significantly help improve posture, and dynamically boost the team’s motivation and productivity, which in turn naturally produces a great working environment.

Podiatry can offer essential ongoing treatments, advice and education to you and your team. This includes: the maintenance of the health of your nails, removing any painful hard skin or corns, treating those stubborn verrucae, ensuring the team are standing and working efficiently, seeing whether you require insoles, advice on the best footwear for your feet and even making them look and feel fabulous for the summer to come.

Regardless of your profession, it is essential for everyone to have their feet checked, treated and looked after. The simplest of preventions now can mean you remain active and fully functional for many years to come. There is an old saying ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ but I’d say it’s your feet! After all, they’re with you from that very moment you take your first step; it’s time to look after them.

– Dina

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