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BLOG: Why salons should capitalise on plant-powered anti-ageing by dermatologist John Hamilton

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John Hamilton is a cosmetology dermatologist and anti-ageing expert with a 15-year history in the industry.
With an expansive knowledge base and a fierce ethical code, John has played an instrumental role in the natural beauty revolution, heralding the rise in awareness of parabens and other nasties. He is the founder of Natural Elements anti-ageing skincare range and Therapeutics for problem skin.

The natural and organic personal care products market is growing at a rapid pace. According to Mintel, rising concerns for green/environmental issues coupled with growing consumer awareness regarding the hazards of synthetic chemicals have fuelled the demand for ‘free from’ beauty products using pure, unadulterated (untampered with) ingredients. In fact, research also shows that there is a growing demand for non-polluting beauty products by consumers, who are becoming more aware of what’s going down their bathroom drain and into our water supply than ever before.

Products that include the likes of parabens, alcohols and petro-chemicals are found within most mainstream salon brands. And that’s why health food shops are enjoying a boom in natural skincare sales while there is a simultaneous decline in salon retail sales.

The question is, can natural ingredients and products truly deliver anti-ageing results?

As scientists who specialise in dermatology and anti-ageing (biogerontology), we understand how to prevent, slow and even reverse this process. And taking advantage of the real power of plants from a scientific perspective is a new and emerging trend that is defining the next phase in skincare.

This is based on plant stem cells, which contain and produce a large quantity of proactive essential substances, such as amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals and antioxidants that perform in a synergistic way. Synthetic chemicals don’t have any of these benefits, which is why a 100 per cent natural and organic product based on this science has a huge advantage over even the most powerful cosmeceutical product.

So why should salons owners and therapists capitalise on this growth?

The fact is that if the products you are selling contain chemical nasties, you are more than likely fuelling rather than eliminating free radical damage. And so your clients will not be achieving the results they are seeking from their products or salon treatments.

What should professionals look out for when choosing cosmetic and skincare brands? 

In many cases, even those brands that claim they are ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ are simply using a minimal quantity of ‘good’ ingredients. So, you have to find a brand and a company that are committed to ethics and using only the safest of ingredients. And that goes for naturals as well as synthetic chemicals.

If you take great chefs who make it their mindset to only use the freshest, most healthy of ingredients, then you have the makings of a healthy meal. It’s no different with personal care products. Do your research and choose your brand wisely. Because if your products and treatments are delivering astonishing results, your clients will stay.

Price is King. It always has been and always will be. And most ethically minded brands are not just interested in making a buck. They are keen to deliver truly effective products that promote health and wellness as well as beauty. So, maybe it’s time to consider offering your clients natural/organic options, which are 100 times more anti-ageing and often cost up to 50 per cent less than other mainstream brands. That’s like having a Louis Vuitton bag for half the price…. How many would you buy?

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