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Brighten your world!

The right light sets the scene and demands attention; it looks professional and it adds value.

Allow the Daylight Slimline to bright up your summer! Illuminating your clients in a brighter and well-balanced light helps you deliver amazing results. Daylight lamps and magnifiers offer specialist lighting that was designed with the needs of beauticians in mind. Each one has been crafted to help you on your creative journey.

Designed for the nail technicians, the elegant brushed steel finish of the Slimline exudes stylish professionalism. It was developed to be unobtrusive and to take up very little space whilst providing a balanced lighting over a large area. The two flex points also allow you to direct the light directly above your workspace. You can say goodbye to sore eyes; the slim head ensures perfect shadow-free lighting and reduces eye strain for healthy vision, whilst the Daylight LEDs are cool to the touch, and produce no heat and no glare. The Daylight Slimline will not cure gel.

From express manicures to luxury spa routines, the shape, shades, colours and impact of your manicures rely on light that delivers.

Daylight has been lighting up the work of professionals in beauty salons and spas around the world for over 30 years.

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