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BLOG: Show your clients that you are a true professional! By Rebecca Archer, marketing manager at The Guild of Beauty Therapists

A large number of factors influence clients when choosing a new salon. They may be easily swayed by price or convenience, but as reputable beauty professionals it is vital we teach our client base to seek out therapists that are suitably trained and insured. If a person is ill they will not go to a backstreet doctor’s surgery, so why ...

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BLOG: How to transform your clients into your online brand ambassadors, by Dr Ganesh Rao

Dr Ganesh Rao, founder of health and beauty comparison site, discusses how salon owners can leverage the increasing visibility of the internet and social media to boost their business The internet is increasingly playing a much greater role in influencing which salons people choose to engage with. It’s no longer just the role of the advertising or public relations ...

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BLOG: Salon owner Simon Cox shares his tips for recruiting and retaining a top team

Simon Cox is the owner of the award-winning Clipso salon in St Albans Hiring and keeping a talented and passionate team is key to the success of any business. There are a few useful ways that I have found to be the most effective in recruiting and retaining team members at my salon. Word of Mouth As simple as it ...

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BLOG: A salon owner’s guide to online marketing

It’s fair to say that the recession left many of Britain’s high streets reeling as heritage brands and small independent businesses alike weathered one of the worst financial storms of recent times. While reports suggest that the beauty industry as a whole coped better than most, for many salon owners across the country it is only now that they can ...

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