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NEW PRODUCT: Venus Freeze

Launching to the non-surgical treatment market, Venus Freeze is a radio frequency device that works to tighten the skin, contour body shape and reduce cellulite. Suitable for both the face and body, it is the only system in the world to combine multi-polar radio frequency and magnetic pulsed fields. The pain-free treatment works by triggering a thermal response in the ...

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NEW PRODUCT: Dermaceutic Laboratoire Cosmeceutical home care products

Professional skincare brand Dermaceutic has launched a new range of homecare products to enhance and prolong the effectiveness of professional treatments. Based upon six essential actions, the range is packed with active ingredients like salicylic and glycolic acid, and features products that promise to purify, stimulate, target, prevent, protect and restore. Available at clinics across the UK, the products work ...

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NEW PRODUCT: The Lynton Q-Plus C

The Lynton Q-Plus C is a unique laser platform offering three highly effective wavelengths for multi-coloured tattoo removal. This powerful combination allows all treatable tattoo colours – including green – to be effectively removed, as well as pigmented lesions. Other unique include high power specifications, large variable spot sizes and high repetition rates up to 10Hz.

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NEW PRODUCT: Crystal Clear Comcit

New skin rejuvenation device Comcit by Crystal Clear combines three of the latest cell-to-cell technologies in advanced beauty to offer clients a plethora of anti-ageing benefits. With a combination of cryo-oxygen, micro-needling and collagen induction therapy, it promises to offer instantly visible results that it claims will change the face of skincare. E:  ;

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DMK’s Fibre Blast C uses 20 per cent pure ascorbic acid in liquid form that can be easily absorbed by the skin. Used as a finishing product following a professional treatment, it encourages collagen production, protects the skin and can help calm troubled complexions. 4pk £70 + VAT; Tel: 0844 800 3668

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NEW PRODUCT: Cryo T Portable

New cryotherapy machine the Cryo T Portable device offers inch-loss and anti-ageing treatments by freezing the skin to ultra cold temperatures of minus 180 degrees. As the face or body freezes, the blood vessels widen allowing more oxygen to reach the cells. This process kick-starts the body to begin its own healing process while also enhancing the natural production of ...

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