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Cold weather warning!

Portrait of beautiful girl with frost on face

How a ‘working from the inside out’ approach to skincare can help prepare and support your clients’ skin in colder weather…

As the days get shorter, we know that winter will soon be upon us. But for many of us, cold winter days are often linked to dry, uncomfortable skin. As soon as we turn on the heating indoors, our skin starts drying out. And even worse, going from cold to warm and warm to cold also puts a lot of extra pressure on the skin. For some, winter brings more than just a little tightness as some will experience flaking, cracking, and even eczema, as the skin gets irritated and inflamed.

It is important to moisturise regularly; it is also important to wear an SPF as the skin is still exposed to the sun during winter. But working from the outside is only half the battle. Supporting your skin from the inside will truly give it the support it needs.

Skinade is a professional skincare drink that works from the inside out. It works as a feedback mechanism, aiming to trigger the natural production of collagen in the skin using a highly effective liquid formulation that ensures optimal absorption.

As an important side benefit, stimulating the production of collagen will also trigger the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Hyaluronic acid is well-known to help improve skin hydration, a benefit that will change your life over the winter months and keep your skin looking radiant and fresh.

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