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Dealing with quiet periods

We all know how it can be as a salon owner with an empty appointment book… STRESSFUL! However, it is something that we all go through, which is why we have come up with some tried and tested ways to help you get through the quiet periods.

Re-book. Re-book. Re-book.
We believe that creating a salon culture around re-bookings is the ultimate way to keep your business flowing, and profits stable. SALONGENIUS have a function that will remind users to re-book during payment, meaning that your appointment book stays filled, and you have less to worry about.

Market yourself correctly
Correct marketing is one of the most important ways to salvage your business during quieter periods. As long as you can spin a story to gain interest your business will be fine. This means during the summer market body treatments such as spray tan, manicures, pedicures and waxing; and during the winter treatments such as facials and massages may be more popular. In hair salons this may manifest in the form of people lightening their hair during summer, and going dark for winter.

Offers and promotions
Sending out promotions is one of the most used methods to get clients into the salon. However, this method can often be un-targeted and as useful as looking for something in the dark! Salon software such as SALONGENIUS have functions that allow you to target certain clients based on their treatment history and interests, which allows you to have more success when it comes to sending out offers.

When it comes to dealing with quiet periods in your salon it’s important not to stress out, but to instead become active in your efforts to change it, this means creating a culture of re-booking, marketing and promotion. SALONGENIUS’ software contains all these functions and more, so if you’re looking for an assistant to help you manage and grow your business – as well as a way to track the areas you need additional help in – look no further.

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