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Digital solutions for a digital world

For the salon owner who’s been in the industry for a long time, it may be hard to want to change a system that’s been working for such a long time; “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it…”. However, when it comes to salon business your system may not be broken, but you can improve and make your business much more effective.

The tried, tested and effective method will always be pen and paper, but it comes with several draw backs including having a shorter life span than other options – hard copy will always be able to be lost, or easily destroyed.

Although many owners may feel anxious about transitioning to a new system, digital software systems are something that help with many of the problems analogue systems contain. For example, being able to back up your system, being able to search easily for data, and being able to collate data much faster.

Software systems such as SALONGENIUS allow you as a salon owner to do a multitude of actions you couldn’t have done prior – SALONGENIUS is much more than an appointment system. Promote new services, increase retail sales, and introduce new clients whilst retaining existing clients with automated marketing – specify criteria and send promotions to customers that are interested in your offers.

The software also acts as an online booking service, you can gauge your salon against your competitors, and manage your salon abroad all whilst making sure all your data is safe and backed up with fallbackGENIUS!

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