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Disposable assets!

Gemstar certainly had a busy 2017, with a major rebrand, and adding to their range of disposable towel solutions.

Gemstar have been established for over ten years, and have made themselves indispensable to the salons and barbershops that rely on their Hot Towel Dispensers, Luxury Pre-Wrapped Towels, and Disposable Salon Towels.

Disposable towels save time and money, are environmentally friendly, and enhance your customers’ experience. Your salon’s clients are assured of the highest hygiene standards at every visit – whilst you dispose of laundry costs!

Suitable for use in any beauty treatments; hair colouring, facials, manicures, pedicures, and there’s no pre-soak needed for these products!

But maybe the best USP is a happy customer?

“I love the Gemstar Hot Towel Dispenser,” said Katie Marsden of Glow Beauty Salon, Scarborough. “It’s so efficient for my busy skin clinic. The sterile towels come out warm and in seconds. My clients are happy I’m using disposable towels and feel assured that hygiene is at the top of my list. Best of all, the refillable towel rolls save me money and time in laundry bills. I’d be lost without my disposable towel machine now.”

And Jane Dunnett, the owner of Chic Beauty of Welwyn, told us, “My Gemstar Hot Towel Dispenser is a ‘star’ as are the people behind the product, who offer brilliant customer service and aftercare. It saves me time and also money as I do a lot of facials and my washing bill was huge! I would definitely recommend it.”

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