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Electric Hair’s Mark Woolley takes a modern approach to recruiting new members

Mark Woolley, creative director of Electric Hair, has launched a recruitment video in a bid to find “like-minded people” for a couple of key roles in the team.

Woolley has created the video in a bid to approach recruitment in a more personal way – speaking directly to young people who are interested in a future in hairdressing.

He comments: “Here at Electric, creativity is at the centre of all that we do – risk-taking comes hand-in-hand with this. We’re not afraid to take those risks, so when it comes to trying things in different ways to everyone else we’re proud to say that we just go for it!

It’s never been more exciting than it is currently to be a part of our team so we thought we’d try something different, a new way of recruiting people.

We’re a big team with a small company ethos, so releasing a video like this allows people to get more of a feel towards what we’re about and to write to me directly. We want to avoid that corporate attitude and keep Electric artistic and a great place to be!

I’m looking for some really passionate new people to jump aboard this train with us now that its propelling forward at such a fast rate and be part of the Electric Family!”

Join The Electric family from Electric Hair on Vimeo.

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