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Extended research helps prevent hair colour change

As extensions become ever-popular for holidays, leading luxury hair extension brand Remi Cachet have been conducting their own research to be able to advice extensionists and consumers on what to look out for to keep their tresses safe and looking their best.


Consumers report issues of green or orange hair and there are many factors that combine to have this affect. Chlorine and mineral deposits such as copper and iron in foreign water filtration systems and pipes are the main culprits, but Remi Cachet founder Victoria Lynch was keen to investigate more and what she found was really interesting.


“Firstly, it’s really important that the hair extension wearer understands that the colour change is a chemical reaction to something that has happened to the hair,” she said. “We have been testing our hair across the ranges and colours, alongside other brands with sun cream, the affects of water and sun. We were amazed at the effects and also to learn other household products that have the same chemicals in and which we bring our hair in contact with.”


Having travelled to different continents this year, Victoria has been testing hair in each location – and a chemical known as Avobenzone has been discovered as the culprit!


Avobenzone is an ingredient used in most sunscreen products for its UVA absorption, but just like your clothes that get discoloured by the cream so too can you hair when it comes in to contact with the cream. It is also used in lots of products such as perfume and hair perfume so extension lovers need to check their product ingredients carefully. Because of the nature of these products and hair coming into contact with them, wearers may only notice a patch of discolouration and naturally the issue can occur here as well as away on holiday.


Whilst the sun helps to speed up the chemical reaction; the change is most noticeable on blondes.


Remi Cachet report low complaint figures across their ranges but with the rise of their brand they were keen to look at the issue in greater depth to be able pinpoint the cause and raise awareness for wearers. Having brought their own product range out earlier in the year, Remi Cachet confirm their shampoo, conditioner and hair oil does not contain any Avobenzone or related chemicals; and so just become even more important for extension wearers to use.


Since sharing these insights with fellow extensionists, they have introduced a miracle product Malibu C which not only rectifies the damage caused to hair but also repairs the hair to leave it in great condition.  Perfect to use their extensions; there are three Malibu C product to choose from: Swimmers Remedy, Hard Water Wellness and Miracle Repair Reconstructor.


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