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Extending payments?

Payment plans for extensions – if they can’t afford them, asks Victoria Lynch, founder of fast-growing extension brand Remi Cachet, do you really want those clients?

Hairdressing is hard work; we all know this. So when I see hair extension salons getting involved in payment plans for customers I do have to wonder – if they can’t afford them, do you really want those clients?

With us approaching our busiest season with clients wanting fresh sets of extensions for the party season; money can be tight for us all. We do not despatch hair without payment and would not recommend salons to place an order and part with their hard earned cash if they do not have a client’s deposit at least covering the cost of the hair.

It breaks our heart when we see a social media post that a stylist has been let down by a client not showing up, and the hair is out, prepped and ready – unable to return for refund.

If you take a typical full head service, then with the cost of the hair, fitting, aftercare kit, maintenance appointments and the removal service; a client is looking on average at £1,000. This might seem like a lot of money to some but for the dedicated hair extension lovers then this would be a monthly cost of £84 if they budgeted themselves. Remi Cachet Elegance hair will last for the full 12 months with good care and this is achievable for many without the need for complicated financial arrangements.

Occasionally, we see stylists promoting monthly instalments but ultimately if a client cannot afford the service then are they the kind of client you want? Will the consumer take good care of their hair and return for their follow up appointments? Some of our Super Stylists who have offered this have reported back issues with clients not caring for their hair and then complaining, so due to these issues they have withdrawn this payment option.

We also need to ask does this devalue the service and brand?

Whilst hair extensions are no longer reserved for the rich and famous, it is still a luxury treatment. With so many options out there, you can cut your cloth (or your hair!) to suit your means. Remi Cachet hair extensions will remain a luxury product for those demanding higher quality hair that lasts and looks good.

The extensionist service should not be devalued either. Good expert professional application takes time and experience, and this service should not cut corners to reduce the price as ultimately it will affect the overall effect for the client.

My advice is to not create a headache for your business, but make your clients save – and value the transformation even more.

Many salons take credit card payments and so there is a finance option available here, or, if you offer gift vouchers, then friends and family can help!

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