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GRID LOCK is new for 2017 – and it’s another UK exclusive for hair development.
GRID LOCK is a nano weft extension incorporating our European Supreme Quality hair. The flat and discreet non shed wefts are each 3.8cm (1.5″) wide and designed to be comfortable to wear and gentle on clients’ natural hair. Each weft has three nano connection points to evenly distribute the weight and our unique strongest links are curved on every edge helping to avoid damage to the natural hair.

Installation is fast, as each extension is fully pre-loaded with our polymer pulling loop and laser cut precision strongest link and a full head can be fitted in 45 minutes.
Maintenance and removal is quick with no residue, mess or clean-up needed.


We have designed a system that has the ease and comfort of pre-taped extensions but without the disadvantages of residue and clean-up time during removal or maintenance.
Each pack contains eight pre-loaded weft extensions; 1-2 packs are needed for volume and 3-5 packs needed for a full head.
Our European Supreme Quality hair can last for up to one year with the correct maintenance and care products.
Our aim is for GRID LOCK to be an ‘in demand’ extension, and unlike most other extension systems will not be available at every salon on the high street; it’s therefore a great opportunity to build loyal, returning custom.

Sale is strictly to professionals only, and reserved for certified trained GRID LOCK stylists and salons.

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