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Feeling Ultra Violet!

Every December Pantone announces a new colour of the year, based on trend-forecasting research from the Pantone colour institute. They have stated that “Ultra Violet’s association with forward-thinking vision has made it a source of inspiration for the most innovative players in business and technology,” and was being put to use by a range of innovative tech and business companies last year.

This year we will see an increase in this colour seeping into the hair and beauty industries. Bold and funky hair colours are something that we have been seeing more and more from the catwalk to the high street! At SALONGENIUS, we know how important it is to stay on trend especially as hairdressers are seen to be pioneers of the creative industry.

Coloured hair is something that is wonderful to play with, and an excellent way to express yourself, but as salon owners it is important to also think about the effects of this and think beyond the pretty focusing also on the smart! Skin tests are crucial when working with chemicals, and is actually something that is now enforced by law.

SALONGENIUS’ system will remind you when your client needs a skin test, before allowing them to book an appointment. It will also alert you when this has expired (as these do expire), saving your clients the frustration of being turned away and keeping you free of problems, fines, and possible prison, and keeping your clients happy! GENIUS, right?

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