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When it comes to tough customers, there’s nothing like a young child – especially when it comes to cutting their hair.

Having their child’s hair cut is something many parents dread. How do you get them to stay still in the chair or avoid screaming the whole place down at the first sight of a pair of sharp scissors?

For a barber or hairdresser, it’s just as daunting. It’s hard to continually calm down a frightened child AND give them your very best work at the same time.

Many salons across the country won’t admit children for those very reasons – but why give up the when you could just as easily embrace it? More and more establishments now openly target themselves at the child market, with fantastic results.

Rather than making hairdressing for kids a no-go zone, let’s give them an experience that they never want to end. Whether you’re an entirely kid-friendly salon or just your regular high street hairdresser looking to attract a younger audience, you want to give your younger customers a fun, friendly and above all else comfortable experience.

That’s what we offer with our new child-sized Neocapes.

Just like our adult versions, Neocape’s new children’s gowns will stop hair and liquids from getting into those annoying, hard-to-reach areas, reducing irritation and giving your customers the best after-cut feeling imaginable – no matter how old they are.

That’s because we include our neoprene HairStop technology around the neck to give the best possible fit.

Made to the same high standards as our adult versions and recommended, we hope children’s Neocapes can help turn your most demanding customers into your happiest ones!

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