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Foiled again…

Foils are one of the easiest and most effective forms of nail art in the nail industry!

Foils offer an effective technique of creating professional nail art designs without requiring a lot of skill. Star Nails offers a wide range of foils in many different colours and patterns that completely transform the appearance and design of the nails.

Foils can be used in many ways, you can cover the whole nail with the design, or parts of the nail, you can be as imaginative and creative as you want. In addition, foils are great for mixing and matching different colours with different patterns and designs, for example, some of Star Nails’ foils come with a transparent background so the polish underneath is still visible through the patterns.

However, there are also foils with complete block colours so there is no need for a polish underneath, an example of this is Star Nails’ holographic foils, they are extremely pigmented with holographic shine so the whole nail is transformed once applied. The artistic element of these foils is limitless and can produce unique designs that would be hard to replicate without the use of foils.

Simple to apply, using Star Nails formulated Metallic Wrap Adhesive, brush on a thin layer of the adhesive onto any fully dried varnish. Afterwards gently peel back the foil to reveal your stunning nail art design! Once finished, apply Star Nails Finishing Sealer, a crack-resistant, chip-resistant top coat that leaves a shiny flawless finish.

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