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Forming an Alliance

Earlier this year, LPG® launched the 10th generation of Cellu M6®. Kellie Ewins, sales director for Technical Laser Care / LPG Endermologie in the UK, speaks to Salon Magazine about how this new patented technology will once again revolutionise the world of care treatments.

In 2017, LPG® launches the 10th generation of Cellu M6®. Why this evolution?
Today we are very much in a digital era where technology evolves quickly. It made sense that our equipment should too. Gone are the standardised treatment protocols that either treat the top or the bottom part of the body. Today, thanks to the connected tablet and the new Endermoscan diagnosis tool that are part of the Cellu M6® Alliance, the treatment is customised to each customer and depending on the intended treatment duration.
The arrival of Nelson Philippe, grandson of Louis-Paul Guitay (founder of LPG®) within the company has marked a new push. Being visionary and forward-looking he has inspired not only a new communications strategy but also a technological one. Lastly, the demands of our clientele are not quite the same anymore. They are looking for quick results, and pain-free treatments with no side effects: they no longer wish to suffer in order to be beautiful. In order to adapt to this new state of mind, we claim our legitimacy to take care of their skin with a natural method, no scalpel, no cell death, no chemical products.

Why is the new Cellu M6® named Alliance?
The name Alliance refers to the union of two of our patents: our historical motorised rolls patent (IMR which stands for Independent Motorized Rolls) and the more recent motorised flaps patent (MPF which stands for Motorized Pulsating Flaps). Our engineers have combined these two technologies to create the Alliance treatment head, which is made up of a motorised roll and a motorised flap together with synchronised sequential aspiration for automated tissue mobilisation.

How does this new treatment head change the Cellu M6® approach?
Thanks to the roll/flap synergy, the Cellu M6® Alliance will carry out three simultaneous actions with one single setting: eliminate fat, smooth orange-peel skin and firm cutaneous tissue. A great time saver in the light of obtaining results. This major innovation allows for overall slimming and anti-ageing of the figure.

What does it entail for both the customer and the beautician’s use?

The endermologie ID treatments are customised depending on the body areas selected and the customer’s available time (10, 20, 30 or 40 minutes). They are also more pleasant; the Alliance Skin Identity Sensor enables for settings that fit each skin type and ensure results. These are visible as of the third session.

For the professional, carrying out a treatment requires much less physical effort as it used to, the treatment head can now be led by a single hand and without any manoeuvres.

Will a beautician who acquires a Cellu M6® Alliance need to be trained again?
That person will need to follow a one-day training course in order to grasp the subtleties of the new settings. It is also a great opportunity to become a connective tissue expert because the assessment phase operated with the connected tablet has become vital. The beautician will hence benefit from our expertise and obtain a level of qualification that will build up their skills.

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