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Revolutionary hair styling products – without petrochemicals or plastics!

The award-winning Suncoat range of vegan hair products offers a unique and effective way to condition and style your clients’ hair without using animal or petro-chemical ingredients. Suncoat is a Canadian company that specialises in natural styling products that don’t compromise either on quality, performance, or the environment.

This new grain and vegetal technology, exclusive to Suncoat, fully replaces the synthetic hold agents (plastics and petroleum-derived resins) found in conventional styling products with natural biopolymers which are readily biodegradable and are much less likely to cause irritation and other health problems.

Suncoat offers an extensive range of hair products for all your styling needs; these include Mousse, Gel, Hair Serum and Hairspray. None of the products have synthetic fragrance. Any fragrance comes from natural essential oils fragrance or as is the case of the hairspray is completely fragrance-free.

This-one-of-a-kind styling spray increases volume and provides a medium hold for the whole day, and is enriched with Vitamin E to enhance the health of the hair. It can be applied to damp or dry hair.

The Suncoat Hair Calming Serum is based on entirely natural ingredients, and reduces frizz and offers great flexibility in creative hair styling. It’s enriched with Camellia Oil and flax protein to protect and repair dry, coloured and damaged hair – without a single silicone in sight.


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