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The Daylight Company has been lighting up the work of beauty professionals around the world for over 30 years.

Everyone at The Daylight Company feels inspired by our clients; the clients who explain how our lamps have changed the feel of their business, and the clients who say their work has never been more precise, accurate and more creative because of our lights.

Daylight lamps and magnifiers offer specialist lighting that was designed for the needs of beauticians. We think about the alchemy, magic, synergy, and creative spark that happens when the right light illuminates the right muse. The right light is bright, clear and balanced; it looks elegant and is easy to set up; it is cool to the touch and easy to work with.

The right light will maintain the health of your eyes. The bright and balanced light output of our lamps and magnifiers increases contrast and provides accurate colour matching, which reduces eye strain and allows you to work in comfort for longer. Cool to the touch, Daylight lamps produce little or no heat. They are flexible and work with you whatever the task at hand.

Designed to be effortlessly functional and stylish to brighten your world of beauty.

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