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The Living It Up salon showroom offers business owners some serious designer inspiration!

When creating an interior design for your salon it’s important to find a look that will not go out of fashion quickly.

The Living It Up Salon Showroom allows you to view how various pieces look when put together, whether you’re mixing-and-matching or streamlining.

Monochrome is one of the most popular and enduring trends. Everything goes with black and white! It’s easy to add an accent colour for a personal touch – and you don’t have to worry about colours clashing. Monochrome is a classic look that will not quickly appear outmoded. It draws inspiration from 1950s/60s Paris but can also incorporate contemporary looking pieces – there is no clash between these styles because of the uniform colour palette.

Neutral without being anonymous, the clean cut lines make it relevant to a number of different salon treatments – haircutting, threading, etc.

And traditional can also be contemporary!

Traditional barbers have a look that is associated with heritage and craftsmanship; a trusted style that will put clients at ease. This rugged look is durable and strong, and tells the clientele that you are there for the long haul. Barbershops many come and go – but with the classic London look you create something that looks well established, and here to stay!


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