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Hairdreams knows how traumatic hair loss can be, as well as how complicated the reasons behind the loss are.
Hairdreams’ anti-hair loss system is designed for three types of hair loss, because one size doesn’t fit all.

The Stop & Grow anti-hair loss systems are formulated with PHT Complex, a scientifically proven active ingredient made of plant-based Phytohormones and Tetra-G-Collagen. It is 7x more effective than the current world’s bestselling active ingredient at combatting hair loss. Not just a product, but full systems that can preserve your clients’ hair as well as visibly increase their hair volume. In fact, the systems are able to restore up to 23% of active hair roots in three months – the equivalent of 14,000 additional hairs!

Using the Microscanner, a Stop & Grow expert can diagnose the kind of hair loss a client is facing and prescribe the best treatment to counter it.

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  • PHT Elixir: Hairdreams’ most powerful treatment, it has the highest concentration of PHT Complex. This two-phase treatment reactivates the hair roots and provides all necessary nutrients to the hair follicles to generate new hair.
  • PHT Concentrate: the little brother of the Elixir, it contains 50% of the active ingredient and is perfect for the treatment of the seasonal hair loss.
  • PHT Tonic: perfect for helping to prevent genetic hair loss, as well as to maintain the amazing results of the PHT Elixir treatment.