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Going paperless… it’s almost GENIUS!

Can you believe it’s the 21st century and so many businesses are still using pen and paper as their main system? Despite being very unreliable and ineffective – salon software is an excellent way to save your business time and money. SALONGENIUS know how difficult it can be to get rid of the old, and move in a completely new system – that is why all our team is always available to fully support you with all your needs.

Moving to salon software won’t only save you time and money, it will also give you peace of mind. With the range of core features, as well as the adaptable products, SALONGENIUS has all your needs covered.

From reminding your team about due skin tests (because they do expire), to bookingsGENIUS – the online 24/7 receptionist that allows your customers to book whenever, to tileGENIUS – the product that lets you compare your salon’s key performance indicators (such as salon quality mark, no shows, return rate, retail percentage, technical percentage, busy percentage, average bill and more…) with your competitors, to the amazing myGENIUS which allows your staff to give your clients better care than ever before – details of their consultation form, record card, and technical history leading to less delays in the chair, and at the reception desk as well as allow your staff to track their own personal targets (including retail, service, rebooking and more!).

You’d think going paperless was GENIUS?

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