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At Star Nails, we understand the importance of high quality, strong nail tips.

After a year-long quest, we have finally mastered it – the perfect tips! Better than ever before, Star Nails is now proud to present our brand-new range of classic nail tips.

Our new tips are the same size and shape as our much-loved previous tips, but perform on a whole new level. The enlarged, deep tip wells offer greater contact with the natural nail, to provide stronger adhesion and extended wear. In addition, Star Nails’ tips require minimum blending, as they fit comfortably on any nail type, meaning you no longer need to spend copious amounts of time filing and shaping every nail.

Stronger than ever before, our new tips are more durable and resistant to wear and tear. Unlike other brands, Star Nails’ tips do not bend or flex easily, they have been specially designed to remain strong and snap-resistant to provide a truly professional and quality manicure.

Compared to some of the leading brands on the market, Star Nails tips perform 300 times better in strength, shape and durability when put to the test. Star Nails’ tips will leave clients with a longer lasting manicure that will support any type of nail design and system.

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