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Holiday hair hell?

With summer having come to a close, many of us will be facing the after-effects of too much sun, sea and sand!

All good hair extension wearers know quite a few tips about keeping their hair in good condition whilst enjoying the sun, sea and swimming pools but any client with coloured hair, including extensions, can suffer with some dramatic colour changes – not a look you want to sport on your holidays.

One overlooked culprit is the resort water systems. Their high mineral contents chemically react with the hair colour, turning them shades of green or orange – so that end of day shower might well be the cause. Add some sunshine and this accelerates the process.

Last year Remi Cachet also shared with us that sun creams and perfumes also cause a change of colour due to a chemical Avobenzone in these products, in a similar way to sun creams turning our clothes a ‘dirty’ shade.

Colour fade is an issue we face all year round from the damage of hair straighteners and the wrong products, but fierce sun exposure takes its toll too.

All this colour change, de-hydration and hair abuse; tresses are in desperate need of some extra TLC in the salon chair. For our autumnal looks, take some time to restore the hair’s condition, elasticity, shine, and most importantly, to educate your clients on how to care for their hair properly; they will thank you for it by Christmas.

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