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Indola launch their Smart Street Style Collection 17

World-class colour performance demands outstanding inspiration and Indola PCC delivers this to the max with their Smart Street Style collections. Created with Indola’s Global Ambassadors Andy Smith and Chanel Nott, the Smart Street Style Collection is inspired by bloggers and of course, street style, these real and accessible looks channel the hottest street style trends into a series of wearable looks that clients are going to really want.


IMAGE CREDITS: Haircuts and styling: Global Style Ambassador, Andy Smith; Hair colour: Global Colour Ambassador, Chanel Nott; Photographer: Peter Gerke; Make Up: Gudrun Müller; Fashion Styling: Natascha Nitschke


Each trend is translated into an easy-to-recreate look with clear cutting, creative colour and styling techniques. So just what have Indola come up with for 2017? Shot with bloggers and real-life street style connoisseurs, this collection may just be their best yet. Making up this authentic and individual collection are five sought-after trends; Raw Bohemia, Modern Muse, Dark Sensuality, New Gender and Activ 80’s. Let us break it down for you…


Raw Bohemia – think soft rose-print fashion combined with undone hair and edgy make-up. Sweet but streetwise, this Coachella-inspired aesthetic conveys girl empowerment in the most beautiful of ways. Unkept hair is making a great comeback, so embrace the wild with a messy mane! Real is the new perfect.


Next up, Modern Muse. Taking inspiration from the Renaissance, this trend embodies opulence with long, puristic flowing dresses. Giving classic and vintage styles a 21st century makeover keeps things modern whilst creating something incredibly unique and sophisticated. Classical finger wave styles and long curls create an exciting and modern approach to hair, keeping things airy and voluminous but still defined.


Dark Sensuality, contrary to its name is all about clean and gleaming platinum blondes, coupled with long-length apparel made from plush velvets and sumptuous silks, reflecting like a carapace. With a mystical feel, smooth, silky and expensive looking texture partners with centre partings and hair accessories worn as jewelleries. This trend is all about luxury, and glamour with a deep and thoughtful edge.


Androgynous styles are having a moment and this is not about to change. There is no such thing as women’s and men’s wear anymore – the lines are becoming more and more blurred. The pixie crop is in all its forms seems to never be out of fashion, but this year it’s all about irregular layers and roughly chopped ends with a matte texture. For men, the bowl cut is now a huge fashion statement, but with a modern twist. Messy textures and a rougher vibe keep things edgy and tough, creating a cool and contemporary take on a classic style.


Last but not least, Activ 80s is all about oversized activewear with an 80’s spin, celebrating a new generation of athleisure fashion. The same new sporty flavour applies to the updated 80’s hairstyles where simple tweaks like placement, styling, and contemporary cutting techniques make them look new and fresh. Geometric cuts and short fringes are kept strictly sharp, shiny and sleek and hair colour is vibrant and reflective in a range of pigmented violet and berry shades, mixed with black tones.


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