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It’s all about the 100%

Award winning, premium quality human hair extension brand Great Lengths is excited to unveil its latest campaign, 100% YOU.

The new campaign is inspired by confidence and empowerment and seeks to educate salons and stylists that Great Lengths’ industry-leading hair extensions are a natural enhancement, which help to resolve a number of common hair problems and concerns.

Having carried out extensive research following a number of focus group sessions with their certified stylists, Great Lengths identified that whilst remaining a popular trend, gone are the days where extensions are used to strictly add length to create long mermaid hair. Great Lengths are becoming increasingly popular amongst women of all ages and used as a natural enhancement to help combat and solve real hair issues, including thinning hair, filling sparse areas, adding volume and also colour and depth without causing damage to the hair with chemicals and dyes.

With an extensive range of base shades, as well as a line of fashion colours and new root stretch colours which have recently launched as part of the Great Lengths offering, alongside the passion and expertise of its family of certified stylists, Great Lengths seeks to hero the seamless blends and finishes that can be created for clients.

“We continue to hear feedback on how Great Lengths enables our clients to feel 100% themselves,” explained  Chris King, Great Lengths Business Director, UK and Ireland. “Restoring confidence, through natural and subtle enhancements. The 100% You campaign is all about resonating with our current clients and future clients, as well as our salons and stylists, so they recognise that Great Lengths is THE solution for natural looking beautiful hair, for every woman.”

As part of the new 100% You campaign, Great Lengths are introducing new brand imagery which showcases how their extensions can be used to create captivating colour, enviable volume and longer locks for their clients, whilst still being relatable to clients who wish to achieve a natural and beautiful finish. In-salon promotions have been created for Great Lengths salons across the UK and Ireland to launch the new campaign, as well as a new brand video and website update.

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