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It’s time to… Cut the cord!



Tech on the go?

If you are one of the 65 per cent of the UK nail technicians that are mobile, you’ll be familiar with the dreaded hunt for a plug socket when visiting a new client for the first time. However, now it’s time to cut the cord with the launch of the Gel II™ LED lamp. The world’s first cordless lamp, it now also has a new exclusive price at just £199 + VAT.

11117339_10152959742021130_1349811701_nCharge, carry and cure! 

The Cordless/Rechargeable LED lamp from Gel II™ combines style and convenience for professionals on the go. Features include a rechargeable battery that gives an impressive 1.3 hours of usage from fully charged – you can cure a serious amount of nails in that time when each Gel II™ colour only takes 30 seconds to cure with a final topcoat taking only 50 seconds on top of that.

In-salon, impress clients with a lamp that can be easily moved around due to its handy removable bottom tray – giving your clients maximum comfort during their pedi treatments. For mobile nail technicians, this stylish lamp can be carried into your next appointment as easily as a handbag.

New exclusive price – limited time only!

If you’ve got all the Gel II™ products and been saving for the Gel II ™ lamp, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s now available at a new price of £199 + VAT (previously £245). What’s more, for those who wish to learn all the hints and tips on using this great system and be recognised with a Gel II™ qualification, there’s a further £50 off the cost of the lamp when purchased with training – that’s a mere £150.00 for the state of the art in LED technology!


  • 34W LED lamp
  • 110V & 220V compatible
  • Motion sensor activated
  • Durable aluminium housing
  • Cures all five nails at once
  • Mirror interior for even light distribution
  • Removable bottom tray
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Acetone proof housing
  • Up to 1.3 hours battery life
  • Safety automatic off prevents overheating
  • LED bulb use: up to 60,000 hours!
  • One-year warranty

Education is always key!

If you would like to know when the next Gel II™ Conversion is in your area, please contact your nearest education emissary or call the customer care team on 01202 876 734 and receive £100 off your lamp.

The Creative Beauty Group is becoming the go-to company for professionals across the UK. Find out for yourself why it recently won an award for Best Customer Services to the Industry.

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