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London’s DG Podiatrist steps foot care into luxury market

dina dg podiatrist
In a restful haven tucked up above London’s exclusive South Molten Street, podiatrist Dina Gohil combines traditional methods with a luxurious approach for a new approach to foot care.

With a degree in podiatry, Gohil has travelled around the world gaining experience working with a diversity of foot types, pathologies and cultures. Now, at her own practise, she treats all walks of life from young to mature, premier league footballers to MP’s and celebrities. Her appointments take into account the important role that feet play in posture and overall health.

Podiatry is as commonplace as dermatology in the States, but it is yet to become ingrained in Brits’ health and beauty regimes. Gohil seeks to change that by focusing on the experience of her appointments, contrasting with what can be a very sterile approach in traditional podiatry.

She explains: “We focus our efforts on regenerating the health of your feet so that they can support you in life. Our appointments combine highly skilled medical practices with luxury processes so that you can lie back and feel pampered. Clients leave feeling relaxed, indulged and simply amazed at how much better their feet are looking and feeling.

“We also cater to specific needs such as diabetic feet, sports injuries, structural diagnosis and other health requirements. But why should these clients feel any less pampered? At DG Podiatrist every luxurious treatment is unique to every client thus optimising patient care.”

Treatments range from consultations, full podiatry/chiropody and nail surgeries to specialist treatment of corns or verrucae.

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