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Many happy returns…

Keep clients coming back with MINDBODY software.

When it comes to running a successful salon, experience is everything. Why? Because your clients are the centre of your business. And in a world full of choices, it’s getting more difficult to convince clients to visit you – let alone come back again once they do.


Make a first impression

Before clients ever set foot in your salon, they’re researching and forming opinions. When something (like booking an appointment) is easy to do, chances are higher they’ll do it.

Tools to use: An easy-to-navigate and mobile-friendly website.

Extra steps to win: Online and app booking.


Encourage action

Once they book with you, it’s not over yet. The next step is making sure they actually come through your door.

Tools to use: Appointment reminders and confirmations.

Extra steps to win: Automated emails and SMS.


Establish commitment

Don’t wait until after they leave your salon to try and rebook their next appointment. Create a connection with them that makes your salon a no-brainer for their next need – and encourage them to tell their friends and family, too.

Tools to use: Loyalty and referral programs.

Extra steps to win: Automatic appointment rebooking.


MINDBODY salon software does all these things and more – helping you run your salon and automate your tasks, so you have more time to focus on your client’s experience.


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