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Noel Asmar and Grahame Gardner team up in the UK

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Grahame Gardner Ltd has created a stunning new range of salon wear by teaming up with Noel Asmar, the internationally renowned and prestigious salon and spa wear brand. The new partnership is great news for salon owners and therapists, who can now create an exclusive staff identity with this innovative collection.

Noel Asmar offers salon wear of a quality and standard that is rare within the UK market. Its exclusive range was developed for prestigious beauty therapists and spas internationally and is sure to be a hit within the UK beauty market.

“The company is rooted in a design philosophy to ‘make life better’,” comments Noel Asmar, founder. “This foundation has enabled us to develop cleverly designed pieces that allow for greater ease of movement, which in turn makes it easier to carry out treatments and duties. We understand that Grahame Gardner shares our vision for workwear where ‘function meets fashion’, and we are confident that it is the ideal partner to bring our workwear concept to the UK market.”

The new Noel Asmar collection focuses on luxurious fabrics, resulting in garments that feel great to wear. With a selection of over 30 tops and complementary trousers and skirts, the collection presents an exceptional range of flattering and stylish workwear solutions.

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