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NovaLash: a revolutionary brand with over a decade of history



NovaLash revolutionised the lash extension industry over a decade ago with the innovation of its Platinum Bond adhesive, the world’s only bio-compatible, oil-proof, patent-pending lash adhesive formulated with a flexible agent. As a result, creator and CEO Sophy Merszei received ICMAD’s Cosmetic Innovator of the Year award in 2007. And when NovaLash created their non-damaging NovaLash Technique, the industry finally received the results they had been waiting for.

Now, in 2015, NovaLash and its Platinum Bond adhesive continue to be sought after worldwide by those wanting the longest-lasting, highest quality results for their discerning clients.

So what’s the difference? NovaLash provides a full four weeks between maintenance top ups vs the standard two to three weeks. Natural lashes are not damaged, so clients can wear NovaLash indefinitely. Extensions are more natural looking and sophisticated, even after three to four weeks of wear time. Plus, there’s no waiting period to get lashes wet, with clients immediately able to swim, shower, sauna and return to their normal activities. The result? Clients enjoy the benefits of wearing NovaLash and become long-term, happy customers and in turn professionals achieve greater success with the service.

NovaLash offers affordable training options throughout the UK and in Ireland.

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