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NovaLash Platinum Bond – a revolutionary product with over a decade of history

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NovaLash revolutionised the lash extension industry over a decade ago with the innovation of its Platinum Bond adhesive, the world’s only bio-compatible, oil-proof, patent-pending lash adhesive formulated with a flexible agent. As a result, NovaLash received the prestigious Cosmetic Innovator of the Year award from The Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD) in 2007.

And now in 2015, NovaLash and its Platinum Bond adhesive continue to be sought after worldwide by those wanting the longest-lasting, highest quality results. NovaLash helps salons, spas and independent lash artists to easily build a successful, profitable and powerful lash extension business.

So what’s the Novalash difference?

novalash premium bondDurability and Longevity – Because NovaLash’s Platinum Bond is ‘rubberised’, extensions bend and flex with natural lashes, creating a more durable bond and allowing clients to go a full four weeks between infill appointments versus the standard two-to-three weeks. This means salons and spas can more easily grow their lash extension business and create loyal, long-term customers. The less often a client has to return for maintenance the more likely they are to wear lash extensions for a longer period of time.

And when applied using the NovaLash technique, which works with the natural lash cycle, extensions appear more natural and sophisticated, even after three-to-four weeks of wear time. The NovaLash technique eliminates spidery, messy lash extensions that are noticeable and can be embarrassing for the wearer.

Waterproof and Oil-proof – With NovaLash, no waiting period is required when exposing lash extensions to water, steam or oil. This gives salons and spas using NovaLash a great competitive edge. Other adhesives on the market require avoidance of water and steam for a specified amount of time, limiting the client’s activities. NovaLash allows clients to immediately swim, shower, sauna and return to their normal daily activities. This makes NovaLash a great choice for spas when clients wish to use the facilities or have a steam facial after their appointment.

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Additionally, NovaLash is 100 per cent oil-proof. Other services on the market are not oil-proof and clients are advised to eliminate the use of all oils on the face, which can disrupt clients’ beauty routines. This is especially relevant now that facial oils are more popular than ever. NovaLash actually encourages the use of oils on the lashes, instructing clients to use its oil-based CleanLash directly on the lashes each night to keep extensions clean and conditioned.

Health and Safety – NovaLash safety-tests its products and holds the industry’s only physician-developed training, earning it the reputation as the healthiest lash extension system. Natural lashes are not damaged, thus clients can wear NovaLash indefinitely and confidently, allowing salons and spas to build a successful business with the brand.

NovaLash trains throughout the UK and Ireland.

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