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OPI announces NEW Iceland Collection for Autumn 2017

This autumn, journey to the magical land of blue lagoons and Northern Lights with the Iceland Collection by OPI. Featuring a palette inspired by the country’s scenic, varied landscape of volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields and glaciers, this collection offers a range of captivating, chic hues that portray the wild beauty of Iceland.

The Iceland Collection features 12 new shades in classic Nail Lacquer, Long-Wear Infinite Shine and GelColor formulas, with colours inspired by the country’s unspoiled, otherworldly terrain. Stunning moss-covered lava fields, black sand beaches and vast mountain ranges with unique volcanic rock formations lend themselves to shades of chocolate browns, dark gray and khaki green. Water – in the form of hot springs, waterfalls and icebergs – and open, expansive skies inspire rich hues of blue ranging from sparkling jewel-tones to cooler blue-greys. Lingering sunsets yield an array of hues, from orange clay and wine red to shimmering mauve and various tones of purple – including dusky violet, berry and deep eggplant-grey.

“Iceland is quickly rising to the top of everyone’s ‘must-see’ list, thanks to its unparalleled landscapes, diverse food culture and unique fashion,” states OPI co-founder and brand ambassador, Suzi Weiss- Fischmann. “In designing the colours for the Iceland Collection, I was of course inspired by the country’s rugged, natural beauty – from the rare northern lights to majestic glaciers, Iceland is unlike anywhere else in the world! I also turned to its largest city Reykjavik for inspiration; in this creative mecca, women embrace self-expression with distinctively individual styles. The food scene is equally exciting, featuring fresh ingredients and blending traditional cuisine with imaginative new concepts.

“This fall, black is the new black. Expect to see lots of varied hues of this classic shade, with sophisticated undertones of brown and grey, as well as blue hues, with denim remaining a major trend. With the Iceland Collection by OPI, consumers have many options, from high- fashion shades of blue-grey, khaki green and orange clay to updated timeless deep, dark hues of blue, black, brown and berry.”

Iceland Collection by OPI will be available in classic Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine and GelColor formulas beginning August 2017. GelColor is an in-salon professional service only. OPI is guaranteed only when purchased through authorised professional beauty outlets and prestige stores, not from a drugstore, supermarket, mass outlet, or other unauthorised sources.

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Iceland Collection by OPI includes the below shades in classic Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine and GelColor formulas:
Icelanded a Bottle of OPI: And you’ll make the softest touchdown in this dove beige.
That’s What Friends Are Thor: Who’s afraid of Ice Giants? Not you in this powerful, earthy brown.
Krona-logical Order: Here’s a rich espresso that’s right on the money.
Suzi & The Arctic Fox: Bring out the fox in you through this purple- kissed hue.
Turn On the Northern Lights!: Straight from the midnight sky, this deep purple sets the stage for an unforgettable show.
This Isn’t Greenland: But wherever you wear it, this mystical moss fits right in.
Less is Norse: But this dark ice blue says the Nordic the merrier.
Check Out the Old Geysirs: And call this true blue your new faithful.
I’ll Have a Gin & Tectonic: Skal! Here’s our toast to all that glows beneath the surface.
One Heckla of a Color!: Feeling volcanic? You’ll find a hot companion in this frosty purple.
Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots: You’ll be shimmering in the spotlight with this dusky mauve.
Aurora Berry-alis: When the sun goes down, glowing pink lights up the night