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Partnership stands up to cancer

Edward James Salons & Spas in Putney and Clapham are collaborating with Stand Up To Cancer to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research UK’s life-saving research.

Recognising that people have become increasingly conscious of mole checking their faces and bodies but not their scalps, celebrity hairdresser Edward James has joined forces with Stand Up To Cancer to spearhead a new awareness campaign.

The partnership came about following Edward James seeing first-hand the impact that cancer can have on people’s lives after several clients were diagnosed with malignant melanoma on their scalp. Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer and, like most cancers, is much more common in older people.

“In one case it was something that I noticed and brought to the client’s attention, and this made me realise that as hairdressers and beauticians we can help our clients to spot skin cancer signs and symptoms early,” explained Edward.

As part of the partnership with Stand Up To Cancer, Edwards James salons are now offering existing clients of over a year who have been diagnosed with cancer a pampering package that includes complimentary in-salon haircare for 12 months after their cancer treatments.

“With my job comes a duty of care,” Edward added. “As a hairdresser it’s part of my role to be able to provide support to those experiencing hair loss as a result of their cancer treatment and I hope this campaign will inspire other salons haircare professionals to do the same.”

Recognising that he is not a medical professional, Edward James says he and his team can look out for any possible signs of skin cancer when doing their jobs, and simply make their clients aware of what they are observing so that they can seek medical advice.

The second part of the collaboration for Stand Up To Cancer, Edward James is launching the HOPE natural wax candle with an uplifting lemongrass aroma. The candle retails at £25 with £15 going to charity. These are available at Edward James Salons & Spas in Putney and Clapham Junction and online.

Clients who notice any unusual changes to their skin should go straight to their doctor. It’s important to remember:

  • Tell your doctor if you notice a new mole, or any change in the size, shape or colour of a mole, freckle or normal patch of skin.
  • Tell your doctor if you notice a growth or sore that doesn’t heal, or one that itches, oozes or scabs.

The team at Edward James Salons and Spas always stress to their clients that if they notice any unusual or persistent changes to their skin, make sure they call and have a consultation with their GP, as most skin cancers when caught at an early stage can be treated successfully.

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