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Post apocalyptic grunge | Darren Ambrose x Gyunel, LFW AW15

Gyunel LFW show led by Darren Ambrose
Darren Ambrose was recently enlisted for his second season leading the Wella Professional team to create the hair look for Gyunel’s AW15 presentation at London Fashion Week.

Alongside art directors Luke Benson and Kieren Tudor, the British Hairdresser of the Year nominee devised a “post apocalyptic survival” style with a super-natural but powerfully chic appearance inspired by on-screen survival looks from The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games.

Tapping into the grunge trend, the look centered around hair with lots of texture with the main emphasis on spindle locks entwined with leather and bindings.

Said Abrose: “The graphic detail of the braids and texturised dreadlocks resulted in the fusion of an extra-terrestrial and human aesthetic. The eye is drawn along artistically entwined braids and dreadlocks to the hive of an ethereal chignon.”

For a wearable interpretation off the catwalk, Ambrose identified two key trends: materials such as leather to tie around the hair to secure or use as a headband; and ‘roping’ – twisting two strands of hair together for a new, more grungy take on the plait.

How to get the Gyunel Look:

  1. First shampoo using Wella Professionals Care & Style Moisturising Shampoo to leave hair in optimum condition for styling, then massage EIMI Root Shoot Mousse into the hair particularly focusing on the scalp to give a targeted lift.
  2. Next, roughly section the hair with fingers and spray EIMI Dry Me into the roots to texturise. Quickly blast with a hair dryer to work the product further into the hair to create a fuller and more undone look, next backcomb the root for added support and structure while working outwards from the middle parting.
  3. Protect the hair from heat with EIMI Thermal Image and then use a large classic barrel tong to create spiral curls irregularly over the whole head making sure that there are no defined, clean sections. Shake hair out whilst spraying all over with EIMI Dry Me dry shampoo to give a matt effect.
  4. Take a teardrop section at the crown, and apply EIMI Texture Touch before backcombing the roots. Starting at the bottom of the teardrop, towards the nape of the neck, twist the hair into a rope maintaining volume at the base to create an undone billowed root area. To create a distressed post-apocalyptic finish take a length of distressed leather and wrap it around the roped hair to finish the look.
  5. Finish by scrunching the lengths of loose hair with EIMI Rugged Texture for a matte texturised look and spritz EIMI Super Set evenly to give to hold.


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