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With so much competition, how do you keep your clients coming back? MINDBODY make some suggestions…

Like with any relationship, the honeymoon phase with your clients inevitably comes to an end. Clients get distracted. They no longer have time for you. Interest wanes. So how do you rekindle your relationships and get them coming back to your business?

Re-engagement is an opportunity. It’s your chance to remind clients of why they love you. Win-back emails that target inactive customers are often successful; you can be strategic with your campaigns by utilising tactics and data.

Here are a few best practices for producing effective win-back emails:

Catch their eye. Make these emails stand out from your typical communications—try using a different template, shorter subject lines and more personalised copy.

Be direct. Tell your clients you miss them, but also make sure they know what to do about it. Offer one clear call to action, like booking their next appointment.

Make them feel special. Include an incentive for coming back, such as a discount. Play with ‘£s off’ and ‘% off’ to see which one your clients respond to best.

Level up. Utilise salon management software with specialised retention marketing tools that let you customise and send ‘Just Checking In’ and ‘We Miss You’ emails.

Re-engagement is a great investment of your time and effort. Utilising business management software like MINDBODY gives you the tools to help keep you connected with your clients, and keep them motivated to come back again and again.


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