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Streamline your salon

Great tech is a must for any burgeoning hairdresser business!

Not only can technology help make the lives of staff significantly easier, it will also save you precious time – meaning you can concentrate on the important things. Like keeping your clients happy.

But where to begin? For those wanting to maintain a competitive edge, we recommend getting your hands on the latest smart till technology. A favourite device du jour is My Business Hub; an innovative smart till system from payments processor Worldpay.

A literal hub of support, it does whatever the modern hairdresser needs. Whether that’s automatically cashing up at the end of the day, or giving you the confidence you need to work from home, think of it as the best assistant you never had.

As well as some great functional attributes, My Business Hub is also packed with smart tools like My Business Dashboard – an online account capturing all critical data relating to your salon, including everything from card sales to settlements and invoices.

The particularly great thing about all this is how it can help transform your client relationships. Try to think back to your own experiences in the stylist’s chair – one of the less enjoyable elements of getting a fresh new look is being passed from pillar to post the whole time. First you’re greeted by the receptionist, then the colourist, then it’s off to get your hair washed, then another chair for your cut and finally back to reception again.

With My Business Hub, you can run everything you need on one mobile device, meaning you can stay with your client, streamline that process and work on getting to know them instead. You can even use it to flick through styles together or book their next appointment.

The founder of Beyond Beauty in Birmingham has seen the benefits of My Business Hub for herself.

“The dashboard shows everything we need,” she said. “Whereas before we had to wait for a statement, now we can see the sales, what’s coming through and what’s not, even our best sellers… Plus you can work from home and still see what’s going on! The confidence it gives me knowing the girls are fine when I’m not there is fantastic.

“My Business Hub fitted in to the salon fantastically – not only does it look the part so customers get the feeling you’re up to date, we’re a lot more comfortable with this machine. It helps us with the day-to-day running of the business by giving us a better oversight of takings, helps us work everything out, and ultimately it saves us a lot of time!”

Feeling inspired to make a change? Here are our top three ways to revolutionise your business:


  1. Cut down on time spent on administration and connect more deeply with customers

Invest in the best tools to help you manage all of your payment transactions in one place. Technology like My Business Hub can reduce your daily admin burden by automating the reconciliation of cash and card payments, and provides instant access to sales trends in an easy-to understand layout. By minimising the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks, salon owners can spend more time creating a first-class customer service.


  1. Know your numbers and become a marketeer

To be a successful business owner, being hot on your numbers is a prerequisite. After all, it’s the numbers that paint a true picture of how your business is doing. Make this the year you take advantage of your payments data with the latest Worldpay technology. Utilising the analytics tools within your smart till will help you judge what’s working and what’s not. This paves the way for spotting trends, so you can attract new customers while getting repeat business.


  1. Simplify your social media

Speed and simplicity is the key to success in social media. With our unlocked tablet you can download all the apps you need to connect to your favourite playlists, and share engaging content and connect with clients on social channels. With full internet access, My Business Hub can also integrate your marketing and accounting. It’s designed to change your business lifestyle by having everything all in one place.


For more information, contact Worldpay on 0808 208 5152 visit or search My Business Hub.