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Super AirNova!

NovaLash constantly evolves and innovates to create treatments and products that enhance eyelash extension services.

Enter the AirNova, the only patented lash extension drying system in the industry, designed to work hand-in-hand with leading eyelash extension brand NovaLash’s award-winning Platinum Bond adhesives.

The AirNova increases the professionalism of lash extension services and is a dual-purpose product that adds value to both lash artists and their clients. Firstly, AirNova dries and cures extensions in less than one minute per eye, decreasing appointment times. Secondly, it provides a relaxing eye and temple massage which gently awakes clients from their lash naps, to create a spa-like element to the service.

After a full set of lashes are carefully applied using NovaLash’s Platinum Bond adhesive, the AirNova alternates between air and water to dry and cure extensions, allowing clients to immediately get back to their daily routines, whether they’re heading into the sauna or home to shower. There’s no downtime required.

Once the lashes are dry, the lash artist can then take the gentle stream of air and massage around the eyes, forehead and temples, reviving the client from their restful treatment while setting their services apart from competition.

Opting for dual-purpose products like the AirNova that provide benefits for both salons and clients is a win/win!


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