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Surviving winter…

Measuring your clients’ hydration and sebum levels can improve treatments, satisfaction, and loyalty!

As Autumn and Winter advance it is important to remember that cold, wet and windy weather can be extremely hard on the skin. The skin frequently does not produce enough of the natural oils that it needs to remain beautiful, supple and protected. Ensuring clients are aware of this can bring great benefits to our clients, our relationship with them, and our business.

Our clients need to be thinking about not just the treatments and products that will benefit their face, but also the rest of their body – particularly areas such as the hands that are exposed to the elements more than others.

You can help them understand what they need to do and decide on the products that are right for their skin by measuring their skin hydration and sebum levels. The needs of the skin change over time and with changing seasons. Being able to measure your clients’ skin each time they visit will help ensure they are using the optimum products and having the optimum treatments for their skin. This can help build customer loyalty, confidence and sales as well as ensuring your clients have the best all the time.

There are a wide range of measurement devices available, from computer linked to simpler battery operated devices that suit differing needs and budgets.

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