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Hairdressing has always been at the forefront of technology, from tool development and pioneering products to online platforms for shouting about your work.

Indola knows how important it is to stay ahead of the game, which is why their recent relaunch includes NFC technology, to make life easier for stylists and clients alike.

What’s NFC technology? It’s the clever stuff that allows you to use your phone for Apple Pay, or to tap an Oyster card for payment on the London Underground – it’s a little chip, that transfers data when it’s held close to something else.

Indola recognised the potential for this tech early on which is why their ‘smart hairdressing’ promise relates not just to what’s inside a bottle – but what’s on the outside too. Each of the products in the Indola Innova range now contains an NFC chip, which take you directly to interactive step-by-step guides online.

As well as educating clients in innovative new ways to use their products and inspire them to try new styles, the technology is also about celebrating hairdressers’ creativity and giving them a platform to share their expertise.

Swipe your smartphone over the packaging for simple, streetstyle-inspired tutorials from Indola’s global ambassador Andy Smith and session stylist Mustafa Yanaz. Learn how to get the looks, maximise the products for the best results possible and be inspired to create your own takes on the trends.

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