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Test, before you try!

We regularly visit the hairdressers or beauty therapist, but why do we not have regular skin tests? Adverse reactions to the products we know and love are an ongoing issue that more salons need to consider. You can develop an allergy at various points, which is why regular skin tests are required – don’t believe us? It’s enforced by the law.

Skin tests are a debated issue – due to the inability to accept spontaneous appointments and having to turn away those who do not have time to take a skin test. In the past it has often been recommended that all customers are given the option of having a skin test during a consultation, to save time in the future – however, it is an ineffective method as skin tests expire, and must be repeated over the year.

Patch tests are an easy way to determine if the product is safe for you, and although it can be annoying to get it done 48 hours before your booked in appointment – it’s the best way to keep your clients safe while being pampered. This is where SALONGENIUS comes in, the management system will warn that a skin test is due, before booking the next appointment.

More and more salons are appreciating the importance of skin tests, and it’s even easier with SALONGENIUS. No need to have to keep individual records of client skin tests – SALONGENIUS will keep record of all your client information as well as any allergies with certain products. Saving your business and your clients.

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